Feb 03

Oracle OEM 13c LDAP error

My new OEM 13c system has been having lots of issues, I have multiple bugs registered with oracle. This one is particularly odd, trying to create a new user I get an LDAP error

The user actually does get created, but when I try to assign additional privileges to the user I get the error again, and this time it doesn’t actually add them.

The kicker is, I am not using LDAP, the user is created as an internal user, no single sign on!

I am trying to give a user access to the performance page, so off to emcli!!

I need to find the privileges related to the performance tab. It’s better to copy and paste these since they are case sensitive.

I want to give myUser DB_PERFORMANCE_VIEW and DB_PERFORMANCE_HOME_VIEW. I have my databases assigned to groups, so lets do that grant

I looped through my dev/test/prod groups

Checking inside OEM, the grants are now in place

I don’t understand what OEM is doing though the web interface that is difference from using emcli. I had another issue deploying plugins using the web interface. I was able to deploy them with emcli. I will have a post on that soon.

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