About Me

My name is Aaron Myers, I am a Database Administrator that works primarily in Oracle. I also use SQL Server, mySQL, Mongo, Redis, and anything else that can be used to store data. I am active with our DEVOPS team. I can write in a few different languages but the majority of the programming I am doing lately is in Python and Javascript.

I work for Spectrum Health Systems where I am a Lead DBA.

This is my personal page and the views expressed here are my own.

I am married to my wonderful wife Jenna
Jenna will often travel with me to conferences despite having a career of her own, she is a pediatric surgical nurse. Us at the Alamo in 2019
We have 3 Furry children from left to right, Melaina(Mini), Griffin(Potato), and Gabrie(Gabe)

I enjoy traveling, diving, and 3D Printing. I love technology and am always expanding my skills. I like to nerd out in the evenings and learn something new.