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Sep 17

Getting and formatting index ddl

This is a little useful sql I used this morning for stripping out all the additional information that dbms_metadata.get_ddl outputs. This strips the create index statements down to their bare bones.

Jan 24

wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘CHECKDATAFILEFORSTANDBY’

I started seeing this today in one of our databases I found metalink article 2360045.1 which states that it is a catalog version mismatch, however running upgrade catalog doesn’t resolve the problem.¬† I remember hitting this error a long time ago, and although I can’f find the reason why, running upgrade catalog two times in …

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Sep 13

TDE Wallet on RAC

So I have been having trouble getting the oracle wallet to auto open, and it’s always messed up in gv$encryption_wallet

According to Oracle this is is because TNS_ADMIN is not set, so I set it and several other suggested variables.

After restarting the database, the ACFS volume now shows 

Sep 09

DBSNMP long running query

I noticed a long running query in one of my databases this morning.

Its computing tablespace size. The average runtime is 272.03 sec, or 4.5 minutes. This isn’t right, its running in a few seconds in other databases. I started looking at the query in OEM, and noticed almost all the execution time was …

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Jan 04

Monitoring Online ASM Datafile Moves

I’m moving a ~7TB database online as the development group that uses it doesn’t want to take any down time. Thankfully the database isn’t horribly active right now so moving the data files online isn’t causing a huge problem. The only other times I have moved data files online was in an incredibly busy database …

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Mar 28

Now on SSL

I have moved this site over to a secure connection. LetsEncrypt offers free SSL certificates for your website! The setup was a bit of a pain because I have a non-standard configuration for this server, but after a little poking and prodding, we are now running on https.

Jun 08

Windows 10 – When You Can’t Be Trusted

Unfortunately some things require windows. Old interfaces that ensure you are running IE6, old proprietary administration software, and other things I don’t use on a daily basis. Windows 10 is one of the most frustrating versions of windows I have ever run. It pretty much assumes you are too stupid to have any idea what …

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Jun 08

Rushing = Stupid Mistakes

I am currently being asked to refresh a database. The end users are pissed because they asked for the database to be refreshed at noon yesterday, this was the first they had asked for it, and they were doing “really important things” and by 3pm were pissed that I hadn’t responded to them, let alone …

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Jun 02


I run mainly on Macs, which means OS X. Unfortunately that means I don’t have access to the GUI of vmware. As of 6.0 U2, vmware has a very slick web UI built into it. Just look at the following article, all I had to do was ssh to my ESXi server and run:

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Nov 14

Why Didn’t Oracle Export That?

Ever wonder where Oracle keeps track of objects that won’t be exported?

This table contains a list of objects that will be ignored during an export.

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