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Name: Aaron Myers
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  1. Ransomeware Attack — February 7, 2023
  2. RMAN table recovery error — May 20, 2022
  3. Getting and formatting index ddl — September 17, 2021
  4. pythonGit private repository — September 2, 2020
  5. cx_Oracle ORA-24418 — April 30, 2020

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Feb 07

Ransomeware Attack

I got hit by a ransomware attack, that destroyed my server. Thankfully I have keep really good backups and was able to just wipe the server and restore my backups. Some configuration information was lost, so it’s taking me a big to get all the bugs worked out. The good news is I didn’t lose …

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May 20

RMAN table recovery error

I had a user delete the data in a table that they didn’t mean to. It took them a week to notify us, so no chance to use flashback to get the data back. I was not looking forward to restoring 100TB of datafiles and recovery logs just to restart a couple GBs of data. …

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Sep 17

Getting and formatting index ddl

This is a little useful sql I used this morning for stripping out all the additional information that dbms_metadata.get_ddl outputs. This strips the create index statements down to their bare bones.

Sep 02

pythonGit private repository

I built an online editor for modifying some files. They need to be checked into git after they are edited. Unfortunately there is no direct way of setting the username and password for the git repository. Instead you need to use http authentication, and put the username and password into the URL of the repository. …

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Apr 30

cx_Oracle ORA-24418

I am writing a web portal for a bunch of database tasks, and storing information in an oracle database. I am creating a connection pool but seeing this error. This looks like an ORA-24418 out of sessions error. However when I check the database, there are only 120 of the 1200 available sessions being consumed. …

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Mar 19

Patching 19.3 to 19.6

I’m not going to go through the entire patching process, there are lots of other sites that can walk you through this. What I am going to talk about is some issues that I had after patching. The patch to the binaries went fine, however when I tried to run Datapatch against my database, I …

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Jan 24

wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘CHECKDATAFILEFORSTANDBY’

I started seeing this today in one of our databases I found metalink article 2360045.1 which states that it is a catalog version mismatch, however running upgrade catalog doesn’t resolve the problem.  I remember hitting this error a long time ago, and although I can’f find the reason why, running upgrade catalog two times in …

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Sep 13

TDE Wallet on RAC

So I have been having trouble getting the oracle wallet to auto open, and it’s always messed up in gv$encryption_wallet select * from gv$encryption_wallet; INST_ID WRL_TYPE WRL_PARAMETER STATUS WALLET_TYPE WALLET_OR FULLY_BAC CON_ID ———- ———— ———————- ————- ———- ———— —— 4 FILE OPEN AUTOLOGIN SINGLE NO 0 1 FILE OPEN AUTOLOGIN SINGLE NO 0 3 FILE …

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Sep 09

DBSNMP long running query

I noticed a long running query in one of my databases this morning. SELECT TABLESPACE, ROUND ( ( (max_size_mb – used_space + free_space_mb) / max_size_mb), :”SYS_B_00″) * :”SYS_B_01″ AS pct_free FROM ( SELECT ts.tablespace_name TABLESPACE, ROUND (SUM (NVL (fs.bytes, :”SYS_B_02″))) / :”SYS_B_03″ / :”SYS_B_04″ free_space_mb, ROUND (SUM (df.bytes)) / :”SYS_B_05″ / :”SYS_B_06″ used_space, ROUND ( …

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May 14

ORA-01422: exact fetch returns more than requested number of rows

The other night on of my databases started throwing the following error. From the RMAN trace The solution here is actually quite simple, the rout table, which stores previous rman output from previous runs so that it can displayed in OEM had excessive rows in it. Since we don’t really use OEM to track our …

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