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Mar 19

Patching 19.3 to 19.6

Sep 30

myMYSQL Nightmare Continues

My fight this week with mySQL continues. I started getting really strange errors in the error log, and users couldn’t connect, not even root@localhost. The error log showed 2016-09-30T15:04:08.790598Z 0 [Warning] System table ‘time_zone_leap_second’ is expected to be transactional. 2016-09-30T15:04:08.790625Z 0 [Warning] System table ‘time_zone_name’ is expected to be transactional. 2016-09-30T15:04:08.790628Z 0 [Warning] System table …

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Jun 17

Mind your spaces

I am trying to export a database, everything except for a single table. I need to send a copy of the database to the vendor, but they don’t need a table that takes up %90 of the space in the database due to it storing a massive number of BLOBs and CLOBs This should be …

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Jun 08

Rushing = Stupid Mistakes

I am currently being asked to refresh a database. The end users are pissed because they asked for the database to be refreshed at noon yesterday, this was the first they had asked for it, and they were doing “really important things” and by 3pm were pissed that I hadn’t responded to them, let alone …

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Jun 11

ORA-00904: “UTL_RAW”.”CAST_FROM_NUMBER”: invalid identifier

I have been migrating single instance databases to RAC databases and had several databases that filled up the diag directory spewing out alerts. There is a bug that can cause some of these, but in my case it was much simpler. Simple configuration mistakes The first error was due to the existance of a spfile …

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