Monthly Archive: October 2017

Oct 12

Loading Execution Plan for AWR

Create a new tuning set BEGIN DBMS_SQLTUNE.CREATE_SQLSET(sqlset_name => ‘0uff0s72zg781_tuning_task10’); END; / Load the execution plan into the tuning set DECLARE cur sys_refcursor; BEGIN open cur for select value(p) from table(dbms_sqltune.select_workload_repository( begin_snap => 77002, end_snap => 77003, basic_filter => ‘sql_id IN (”0uff0s72zg781”) AND plan_hash_value = ”2294492662”’)) p; dbms_sqltune.load_sqlset(‘0uff0s72zg781_tuning_task10’, cur); close cur; END; / Apply the plan …

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