May 20

RMAN table recovery error

I had a user delete the data in a table that they didn’t mean to. It took them a week to notify us, so no chance to use flashback to get the data back. I was not looking forward to restoring 100TB of datafiles and recovery logs just to restart a couple GBs of data. Thankfully the database is running 19c, and rman can now do a table recovery.

I tried to recover the table

I had 20TB of space provisioned to /opt/tempam. To do table recovery, the system, sysaux, undo and the source table tablespaces are restored. in my case this should come to about 3TB.

After waiting an hour for everything to restore and roll forward, I get the following error in the final step where it should be exporting the table with datapump

This is a lie, there was plenty of space.

Turns out this is a known bug, Bug 9109785 : ORA-1555 TRANSPORT TABLESPACE FAILS WITH ORA-01555 DURING THE EXPDP PHASE. 

The work around is to prevent the database from being dropped after the failure by adding the “keep auxiliary” statement to the restore, and manually performing the datapump export.

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