Sep 30

myMYSQL Nightmare Continues

My fight this week with mySQL continues. I started getting really strange errors in the error log, and users couldn’t connect, not even root@localhost.

The error log showed

Followed by logins failing

What I think had happened, mySQL was upgraded on the OS by the linux admins. It doesn’t look like anything inside the database was upgrade.

The new version of mySQL uses the innodb engine (v5.6.15)

Whereas the older version of mySQL uses MyISAM (from another server v5.5.50)

mysql was expecting INNODB and found MyISAM

This should be a simple fix, just run the mysql_upgrade script. However the database is either down, or I can’t log in when the database is up.

So I had to shutdown the database, start it up skipping permissions, and change my root password

in another session I was now able to connect to the database

and update the root password

then killed off my instance, and started it back up

run the mysql_upgrade script

and restart once more

I don’t know what wrong with the passwords at this point, but none of the users could log in, so I changed all of their passwords to their current passwords. Just rewriting the password seemed to do the trick.

Everything seems to be back to normal…



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