Jun 08

Windows 10 – When You Can’t Be Trusted

Unfortunately some things require windows. Old interfaces that ensure you are running IE6, old proprietary administration software, and other things I don’t use on a daily basis. Windows 10 is one of the most frustrating versions of windows I have ever run. It pretty much assumes you are too stupid to have any idea what you are doing. I just spend an hour fighting with it to let me download a file that builds boot disks. It decided it wasn’t safe. I don’t know what that means since I have been using this product for years! In fact Edge assumes you are so stupid, I can’t get on most websites because it doesn’t assume they are safe! It also doesn’t think it is safe for me to install chrome! How anyone could use the pile of crap for day to day work baffles me. I am glad my work laptop is still Windows 7, where I can get a virus if I am stupid, but doesn’t try to baby proof everything!

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