Mar 19

Patching 19.3 to 19.6

I’m not going to go through the entire patching process, there are lots of other sites that can walk you through this. What I am going to talk about is some issues that I had after patching. The patch to the binaries went fine, however when I tried to run Datapatch against my database, I got the following error

I have see this error before when the parameter remote_listener is not set on a database, but this is a single instance database.

I opened an SR with oracle support. After some trouble shooting, they recommended I remove the trailing slash from my ORACLE_HOME variable and restart the database.

So change

after restarting the database, I got a new error

So some progress. Something was causing a core dump and the connection was terminated.

Looking at the script it was failing on, prvtgwm.sql, that script is all related to the schema gsmadmin_internal

Looking at the patching log, I see the following

So looking back at the database, there are several package inside the GSMADMIN_INTERNAL schema that are invalid

I tried running utlrp several times, however I was able to compile most of the objects manually issuing compile commands.

I was then able to run Datapatch successfully

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