Jul 03

Automating with Telnet

I have a stupid problem, I have a Bitcoin ASIC called a Hex miner. For some reason every 12 hours the thing slows down from 24GH/sec to 5GH/sec. The only way I have found to solve the problem is to power cycle the controller and the unit itself. This would be a pain since I have it in my basement. However I salvaged some old Bay Technologies PDUs in my rack, which means I can power outlets on and off through a telnet session.

I did a little searching and learned how to do some scripting with the unix program “expect”

This is a very specific script, but it did what I need it to do:

It blazes through resetting the outlets.


Jun 29

Simple Errors Take The Most Time To Find

If you haven’t noticed I like crypto currencies, I I was trying to get one of my computers to mine X11 coins on the CPU, just to play around with it, but could not get the client to install. I finally found this article:


I commented out two lines, and everything started working



Mar 30

Complete Incompetence

My host managed to nuke EVERYTHING on my server. I have some backups but the majority of all my sites is lost. I will rebuild. They nuked me due to an accounting system error.

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