Jul 09

New Blades

I just got two additional block erupted blades today, they have been over clocked from 10GH/s to 13GH/s. By todays mining standards this isn’t much hashing power, but I got them very cheap. I had the backplane for these things, but have been having a hard time getting it to not overload the power supply I was using. I started to look online at what type of power supply you could put directly into the backplane, and it was a HP DL380. Ironicaly I just bought a HP DL380 G5 to be my new web server. In fact in a month or so, this website will be hosted on that server.

Since these are redundant power supplies, I just pulled one from the running server, and slapped it into the backplane, and I just upped my hashing power by ~26GH/s

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