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Jan 04

Monitoring Online ASM Datafile Moves

I’m moving a ~7TB database online as the development group that uses it doesn’t want to take any down time. Thankfully the database isn’t horribly active right now so moving the data files online isn’t causing a huge problem. The only other times I have moved data files online was in an incredibly busy database …

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Oct 17

Reporting Database Sizes

I frequently need to pull size information about a large number of databases. OEM has an interesting capacity planning feature, but some times I just want the raw data. This is the base query I start with and add on additional information or slice it in different ways to fit what I need. I run …

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Jan 23

ORA 600 [kcbAdoptBuffers_pw]

We hit this bug the other day. The oracle note references creating an index as part of this bug. As far as I can tell, we weren’t doing that when we hit this. It is a vendor application though, and I know they do some DDL such as creating tables on the fly. I was …

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Dec 07

Setting up SSL ACL in 12cR2

Before you can connect to a website you need to setup the oracle wallet. Start by going to the website you are going to be connecting to. In this case I am just using my own site. I am also using Safari on OSX, the steps differ slightly depending on operating system and browser. After …

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Nov 30

13C OMS and TLSv1.2

A while ago I deployed OEM 13c to manage and monitor our databases. We have a lot of different systems on different architectures and operating systems. For the most part the move from OEM12c to OEM 13c was pretty smooth. As part of this process we were instructed to lock everything down to TLSv1.2, which …

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Oct 12

Loading Execution Plan for AWR

Create a new tuning set

Load the execution plan into the tuning set

Apply the plan to the statement


Aug 31

ORA-31617: unable to open dump file “/export/data.dmp” for write

This morning a user came to me because they were getting what appeared to be a Permission error

I checked the directory listed, /nfs/unix/export. It is mounted on both nodes of the cluster. Checked file permissions, using touch I created a file as the oracle user, and deleted it, no permissions issues there. It …

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Aug 31

RMAN-08137: WARNING: archived log not deleted, needed for standby or upstream capture process

On a non-production database I was getting the following error when trying to delete archive logs with RMAN.

This database does not have any golden gate processes associated with it, so why doesn’t Oracle want to delete the  archive log? The database was rebuilt with a copy of a production database that did have …

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Aug 31

ORA-02396: exceeded maximum idle time, please connect again

I was doing a schema import last night, over a database link. Lack of sleep had set in and I was getting the following error

Now if you aren’t tired this should be a pretty obvious fix, the idle_time value on the remote server was set to 60 and was disconnecting me during the index …

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Aug 07

RMAN-20036: invalid record order

Trying to register a database with my rman catalog I was getting the following error

Poking around metalink I found note 113325.1 Basicly it says there is a mismatch in the number of standby redo logs, but this database does not have a standby. However it was cloned from a database that had a standby, …

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