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Jun 02


I run mainly on Macs, which means OS X. Unfortunately that means I don’t have access to the GUI of vmware. As of 6.0 U2, vmware has a very slick web UI built into it. Just look at the following article, all I had to do was ssh to my ESXi server and run: esxcli …

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Nov 14

Why Didn’t Oracle Export That?

Ever wonder where Oracle keeps track of objects that won’t be exported? select * from sys.ku_noexp_tab; This table contains a list of objects that will be ignored during an export.

Sep 24

Unzipping all Zip files in a directory

I don’t know why zip can’t handle multiple inputs, but it cant’. Gzip does just fine unzipping everything in a directory, I use this little “script” all the time on the command line to unzip all the files in a directory. for file in $(ls *.zip) do echo $file unzip -o $file done Its a …

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